Equipment Sale

In the showroom of Caribbean Bakery & Restaurant Supplies you’ll find a wide assortment of equipment. Don’t hesitate to come take a look, our employees will help you kindly!

Rice Cooker294_tmb

Price: 375 NAf

Chafing Dish296_tmb

Technical specification
Size: 640mm x 380mm x 200mm
Weight: 5 kg

Price: NAf

MaxPro Chocolate warmer301_tmb

Technical specification
Size: 500x260x290
Capacity: 4,5 L

Price: NAf

Santos Food processor304_tmb

Price: 1900 NAf

Musso ice making machine303_tmb

Technical specification:
Size: 270x450x300
Capacity: 3 L per uur

Price: NAf

Palladium CFI 250 cutting machine306_tmb

Technical specification
Size: 400 x 540 x 550

Price: NAf

Percolator 100 cups340_tmb

Prijs NAf