Our customers are hotels, restaurants and resorts that are looking for quality and advice.
We supply everything you need, from beginning to end. Not only products, but also a
comprehensive advice and excellent service.

Well known customers are:

Zanzibar, Papagayo Beach Club, Seasons, Il Forno, Baoase, Pampus and many more.

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What our customers think about us

Papagayo Beach Club
“We mainly buy kitchen tools and parts in Caribbean Restaurant supplies, says Frank Schurink Papagayo Beach Club. Since opening a year ago now, we are working with them. If something is missing in the kitchen then immediately taken action. I have contact with Rutger van Haaren and he arranges it further for us.
Thanks to clear and consultation of both sides, there is almost never wrong. They have built our kitchen and so understand exactly what I’m looking for in a kitchen. It was always very nice work with the construction of the kitchen, unfortunately I do not smeuiïge anecdotes, because everything is always good! ”

l Forno
“We order everything for the pizzas at Caribbean Bakery & Restaurant Supplies, says Aminta of Il Forno. Everything is all centrally ordered by the chef of Il Forno Mahaai and delivered by CBS in the kitchen. They have competitive prices and good service, we have been working together for many years. The orders always go well and if there is something missing in the kitchen, the chef that solve .. I would say, come the pizzas at Il Forno taste and judge for yourself .. ‘

“Because we own bread, we use much flour products, says Michael de Leur Seasons. But molds for chocolates that we make ourselves, we can order them. We’ll call in the morning to Rutger and in the afternoon the same day , is issued by CBS in the kitchen, good to know. If we have forgotten or are deficient in something, something they are always so sporty to have a moment to spend it.
The raw materials and machinery are of good quality and their service is perfect. All of my kitchen comes from their ex and I buy them all over, about 6 or 7 years I think. Years My bread oven is my prime and joy ‘, just a great thing. I was at one point my own bread, Martien I knew for a long time and I wanted to know more about the recipes and supplies, so I let the experts come, so CBS. Take for Delicious 2 years ago. They simply amazing. Helped us when a gas stove and cooling, They came even bring and pick up again, it may be “how luxurious

“We order flowers, big green egg and small kitchen utensils, such as pans, for example, says Rene Beat of Baoase. I mail or call Rutger and they usually get the same or next day. Supplying kitchen equipment can take longer, because it should come abroad. They can also call ifyou need anything, because then they get the brengen.Ze are very flexible and mistakes are not made happy.
In previous companies I did have with Caribbean Kitchen Supplies to make, not in this kitchen. Quality and service, huh, I know already have about 4 years of them. We can usually also borrow or rent when we have a ‘special event’. It is a very good and stable company with good people. They are always helpful and also want to think along with you. Nice is that! “